quickstart guide

By default the default Bootstrap CSS file is included in the Govstrap CSS file.

1. Add Govstrap from our CDN

Copy the link and place it in your html's Head like in the example


<!-- Document Head element -->
<link href="" rel="stylesheet">
Govstrap CDN.

Or download the Govstrap template CSS file by navigating to the following link Govstrap CSS, copy all of it's content and save it to your local development folder as govstrap.css

All that is left to do now is to link it in your html document like this:


<!-- Govstrap styling -->
<link href="govstrap.min.css" rel="stylesheet">

2. You're done!

You can now use all of the Govstrap and Bootstrap classes and elements in your site.

Update December 2017

Since the framework Bootstrap has reached version 4 beta stage (this means it will not suffer important changes until final release, only bug fixes), we have taken steps to update our Govstrap and the Github repo already reflects this change.

The master branch on Github still reflects the version 3.3.7 which still supports IE9.

We plan to make the transition to the new verion on our main site as well, and we hope you will see this changes soon.

We need to mention that Bootstrap V4 has dropped support for older browsers and the oldest supported are on the official page.

If you need to use the Bootstrap 3.3.7 for better older browser support, please follow the same stepts replacing the Govstrap CDN. link with or download the whole project from the following link Bootstrap3.3.7