Govstrap.io - It's all about accessibility and re-use.

Govstrap.io is a creation by professional Open Source software specialist OpusVL, and is is a port of the GOV.UK standard website theme created by Government Digital Services to the Bootstrap framework. With an increase in the variety of devices used to view websites, Bootstrap is a standard tool kit for building responsive design and enabling websites to be mobile and tablet friendly.

The Government invested significantly in their GDS theme and this was released under an Open License to improve accessibility across all GOV.UK sites, allowing OpusVL to re-factor this in the form of the Bootstrap framework, in addition to the methods originally created by the GDS.

Govstrap.io has itself been released as Free and Open Source, with the aim of helping users in the public sector to improve the consistency of it's digital footprint, while adhering to Open Standards policies when deploying a website and re-use the existing GDS investment in accessibility.

Interestingly, Govstrap.io was not a distinct project in itself, but was created as a by-product whilst delivering an update for an existing government customer. It enables responsive design across all modern devices and instant deployment of GDS themed sites on any static hosting platform or CMS that supports Bootstrap. Govstrap.io can also be applied to existing bootstrap sites with a single line of code.

Govstrap.io is available for developers to download from the Github or can be acquired through the G-Cloud 8 framework as of the 1st August 2016.