Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the font look different to live GOV.UK websites?

GOV.UK sites use a font customised by GDS and it can only be used under license. The license requires that it is only used under the GOV.UK domain to preserve brand identity. If you use Govstrap for an authorised GOV.UK website, the font can be deployed with a one switch change.

Can I use this with a static site?

Yes, this site is hosted using Apache with shtml.

Can a developer really just use this theme?

Yes, it has been released under the Open Government license, details of the OGL are here. The code is available in github.

Can be implemented within my CMS?

Yes, providing the CMS supports Bootstrap.

Is integrated in to any CMS?

Yes, is integrated in to Flexibase CMS and hopefully some more soon.

Who are the creators and what is their background? is an OpusVL initiative. Established in 1999, OpusVL provides professional Open Source Business Management Solutions. The company works with business in both the private and public sectors and operates a process oriented approach.

Can I make my Bootstrap website into a

Yes, a single line of code can be applied to switch from Bootstrap to

Does encourage mis-leading or look-and-feel copies of Government websites?

As with any website, if someone wants to create a look-alike UK Government website, the quickest way would be to clone an existing site and make changes to the text. should not make much of an impact either way.

What version of Bootstrap does work with? is designed for Bootstrap 3.

Is the use of domains policed?

Yes, During July 2016, GDS reviewed all web sites using the domain and identified 1000 breaches. (Read the Public Technology article here)