Welcome to Govstrap.io!

Govstrap.io is a port of the GOV.UK standard website theme to the bootstrap framework. This enables Bootstrap websites to be converted to the GDS design in minutes.

Govstrap.io allows websites to be fully responsive and display comfortably across all modern devices, re-using the Government Digital Services investment in user experience and accessibility.

The Govstrap.io project is available as Open Source and adheres to the UK Public Sector Open Source and Open Standards policy and guidance.

Govstrap.io quick-start guide

3 steps to implementing Govstrap.io - 1. Get Bootstrap 2. Add Govstrap.io 3. You are done!

Developer resources

Resources for developers and integrators when using Govstrap.io - CSS, forms and components.

Professional services

Access professional services to help you implement Govstrap.io

Re-use to become compliant

Investment in accessibility is important - it makes your sites easy for your users, work across devices, and is a compliance requirement


How is Govstrap.io implemented? Who is behind it? - and other questions

About Govstrap.io

Discover the Govstrap.io Open Source journey and learn why you need Govstrap.io